Is it worth learning programming on

What is is an online learning platform that offers courses through e-learning. Unlike other online learning platforms that primarily use video content, Educative focuses on the ability to read, comprehend, and study through detailed text-based lessons.

The learning topics on Educative primarily revolve around programming and sharing knowledge in computer science, software development, data science, deep learning, and other related information technology subjects.

The courses provided by Educative are highly regarded for their quality and offer learners practical and highly applicable lectures. Educative has become a well-known online learning platform for anyone working in the software field.

Method of Online Learning on

Reading “textbooks” instead of watching videos

On average, instructional videos are spoken at a rate of 150 words per minute. Meanwhile, you can read at a rate of 250 words per minute. That’s why Educative’s courses are composed based on text.

In the software industry, learning through reading materials and practical application is highly valued over watching video lectures.

For each knowledge topic introduced to learners, Educative provides a structured curriculum through Skill Paths.

What is a Skill Path?

A Skill Path is a carefully planned sequence of skills designed to help learners achieve specific learning goals.

Each course on consists of modules containing highly detailed learning content. Students will learn from fundamental knowledge to advanced concepts.

Each lesson within a course will include the following:

  • Lesson content: Text-based lesson content.
  • Quizzes: Questions related to the lesson content.
  • Playgrounds: Direct hands-on practice environment (code hands-on environment).
  • Challenges: Challenges related to the lesson content.
  • Code Snippets: Code snippets related to the lesson content.
  • Illustrations: Visual illustrations.

You can explore an example of the course content for “Become a Front End developer” on Educative.

Code Hands-on Environment

Students can code directly on the open browser screen. This provides them with additional opportunities for practice and real-life application of knowledge, rather than just theoretical reading.

The approach of learning through direct hands-on coding is considered a trend in the software industry, as video lectures have dominated the market for a long time but have not been highly effective due to the lack of active practice.

Cost of Online Learning on Educative

In addition to the free courses available, charges users a subscription fee ranging from $10 to $90 per month, instead of charging for individual courses like other platforms.

Once the fee is paid, users have the freedom to choose any desired course without worrying about being limited in the number of courses they can access.

Is it worth learning programming on

With the participation of industry-leading experts in the field of information technology in course development, along with a large community of developers engaged in online learning. is a programming learning platform that provides value beyond expectations for anyone studying and working in the software field, seeking to enhance their knowledge.

Value of

  • Reliability
  • High-quality and practical lectures
  • Learning method suitable for combining theoretical knowledge with practical application
  • Reasonable cost of learning
  • Active learning community

You can learn more about through the free programming courses they offer here.

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